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We are a watchmaking workshop based in Geneva, Switzerland and we offer an exclusive service of watch modification for private customers. Our modifications are made exclusively upon request in our workshops in Switzerland, by independent and highly skilled craftsmen. We are independent, and our independence is a testament of quality and creativity.
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We are first and foremost passionate about watchmaking and about fine watch making houses. We care about each timepiece that enters and leaves our workshop. We consider that each of our modifications are a special partnership. We work in close collaboration with artists, athletes or organizations that inspire us and share our passion and our values.

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Watchmaking Excellence

As heirs of the swiss watchmaking tradition, we perfectly master both the traditional and the most cutting-edge techniques, constantly pushing the boundaries further. Our work is the fruit of serious reflection on innovation and creativity. We are committed to ensuring both technical and aesthetic excellence. Our craftsmanship is subtle and refined, delicate and elegant.
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It takes around 6 to 8 weeks to proceed to our modifications. Each part is carefully planned, modified and reassembled following a very specific and complex technical sheet. Each of our intervention is made with the utmost respect for the timepiece that we are entrusted with, as well as with the DNA of the watch making house it comes from.
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* The above personalizations have been made by Artisans de Genève in an artisanal way exclusively upon request of our customers. These personalizations are samples of our realizations and are not meant to be made again. If you want Artisans de Genève to personalize your watch, please contact us.