The Zinal Challenge


Our client’s brief was clear, he wanted to share his passion for a unique place. The Zinal Challenge is an homage to the ice-laden, monochrome landscapes of Switzerland’s highest peaks that our client is so passionate about. The Zinal Glacier and its frozen surroundings were the muse for this project, for which our artisans employed unparalleled techniques and savoir-faire.
This personalization has been requested by a private customer. It is a sample of our know-how and of the personalization services made upon request of our customers. If you would like to customize your timepiece in the same way or following your wishes, please contact us. Please note that due to the limited capacity of our workshops, we are not able to satisfy every demands so please accept our apologies in advance.
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Sketch of The Zinal Challenge personalization

The Specifications

Technical sheet

Rolex® 116520
Transparent sapphire, polished
Transparent sapphire, polarized
Flame-blued, polished, and rhodium-plated in the center
4130 modified movement, skeletonized, sandblasted, and beveled by hand.Nickel Palladium finishing. Manual winding: 72 hours of power reserve
Ratchet & balance bridge
Beveled and flame-blued
Exclusive transparent rubber strap by Rubber B®
sketch of a sapphire dial
The design was conceived with our client around a series of unique modifications that bring clarity and elegance to the timepiece. A clear strap, hand-wound skeleton movement, sapphire glass bezel, and, for the first time, a sapphire glass dial. The hands are flame-blued, bringing a softer contrast to the steely, monochrome appearance.



Polisher tools watchmaking
Close up of The Zinal Challenge timepiece



The Zinal Challenge - Artisans de Geneve

The Bezel

The bezel is made of sapphire glass. Entirely finished by hand, it brings luminosity to the timepiece.
The Zinal Challenge - Artisans de Geneve

The Dial

Made from sapphire glass and featuring a polarized finishing on the counters, the dial adds purity and delicacy to the skeleton movement.
The Zinal Challenge - Artisans de Geneve

The Case

The case lugs are satin-finished, the underside is sandblasted and the corners are polished. The original pushers have been replaced by MK “Millerighe” pushers.
Zinal ice laden landscape
Focus dial and counters of The Zinal Challenge
The dial and bezel are made from sapphire crystal, a fragile material that demands to be worked with great dexterity. A technical feat as much as an aesthetic one, that gives the timepiece a singular identity that is all in the details: the counters are polarized and the hands are flame-blued.

All in the


sapphire bezel Artisans de Genève Zinal Challenge
4130 skeleton and hand-wound movement
back of the 4130 skeleton movement

The Craftsmen’s

This project was based around the image of a glacier—giving us an exceptional challenge, both in skill and design. Our client’s watch keeps its substance while adding ice-like transparency. Each element blends together, becoming virtually invisible.
Christian. Craftsman
Christian watchmaker Artisans de Genève
The Zinal Challenge - Artisans de Geneve
The 4130 caliber was completely cut, sandblasted, and beveled by hand. The automatic winding system was removed and replaced with an internally developed barrel that provides the timepiece with a 72-hour power reserve. The ratchet wheel and balance bridge are flame-blued.



blue ratchet wheel Zinal Challenge
4130 skeleton movement
rubber b transparent strap


Rubber B® X Artisans de Genève

We are dedicated to collaborate with craftsmen who strive for excellence in their field of expertise. Rubber B® is unequivocally, the most experienced artisan in regards to rubber straps. Developed and realized exclusively in genuine rubber for our client, the transparent strap completes elegantly the timepiece look.
The Zinal Challenge - Artisans de Geneve
sketch rubber strap
blue hands watchmaking
drone shot green trees
sapphire dial