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Video. Juan Pablo Montoya: A Family Affair

Developing “La Montoya” in close collaboration with the champion gave us the opportunity to jump into his daily life for a brief moment, and meet with his wife and children. We discovered a loving family with extremely strong bonds. Hearing everything they had to say about Juan Pablo Montoya, we have let Connie, Sebastian, Paulina and Manuela do the talking. They tell us more about his personality, his passion for racing, and give us their impressions on the timepiece he customized with Artisans de Genève.

Juan Pablo Montoya has always been rather discreet about his private life throughout his career. The public image he has portrayed is however pretty faithful to the reality: one of a loving father and husband, for whom family comes first.
The constance of Juan Pablo Montoya’s family in such a fast-paced environment partly explains his many successes and how he could pursue such a durable career. While competing in NASCAR, Juan Pablo Montoya criss-crossed the US in a motorhome, and his family followed along.

In an earlier interview, he explained that this motorhome almost felt more like home than his actual house, and was a chance for him to spend more time with his family and be closer to them at decisive moments. Family support has been crucial to Juan Pablo Montoya for all these years, and he probably wouldn’t have accomplished so much without them. “La Montoya” is just another adventure they shared together.
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