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Tribute to 5513

An iconic 1970s timepiece, the 5513, with its Gilt Dial, has always been prized by collectors. It is only by taking a closer look at this watch that one can truly appreciate its beauty. We sought to produce a timepiece that would be close to this legendary model so as to offer watch lovers an object of beauty that not only delivers faultless reliability but which is also in perfect keeping with the aesthetics of the time.

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Because we provide crafts services made in a very limited capacity, Artisans de Genève is not able to satisfy all demands.
Tribute to 5513 Gilt Dial
Tribute to 5513 Gilt Dial side view

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* The above personalizations have been made by Artisans de Genève in an artisanal way exclusively upon request of our customers. These personalizations are samples of our realizations and are not meant to be made again. If you want Artisans de Genève to personalize your watch, please contact us.