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Tribute to 6263 II

Released in the early 1960’s, the chronograph RolexCosmograph would become legendary under the name of «Daytona». An association with the world of motor racing that will be decisive in this unparalleled success story. It is only natural to pay tribute to the Rolex Daytona, a real symbol of elegance and an iconic timepiece. Each and every detail of our Tribute to Daytona 6263 refers to this legend, one of the most successful watches in contemporary watchmaking history.
This personalization has been requested by a private customer. It is a sample of our know-how and of the personalization services made upon request of our customers. If you would like tu customize your timepiece in the same way or following your wishes, please contact us. Please note that due to the limited capacity of our workshops, we are not able to satisfy every demands so please accept our apologies in advance.

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Because we provide crafts services made in a very limited capacity, Artisans de Genève is not able to satisfy all demands.
Tribute to 6263 II in box
Tribute to 6263 II flying face
In the hearts of enthusiasts, the Rolex Daytona «Big Red»6263 has been a reference in terms of style, elegance and simplicity for almost 40 years. Created in 1967, it did not take long before it became sought after and cherished by collectors all over the world for its style and rarity. The name «Big Red» refers to its red «Daytona» marking. Bringing this unconventional watch dial, a stylistic expression of that era, back to life was inevitable.

A timeless


Tribute to 6263 II pushers closeup
Tribute to 6263 II silver dial side close up



Tribute to Daytona 6263 II bakelite bezel

Bakelite Bezel

The bakelite bezel, a typical element of the 1960-70s, today replaced by steel or ceramic, was a must. The bakelite bezel of our Tribute to 6263 II is handmade in our Swiss workshops.
Tribute to 6263 II silver dial

The «Big Red» dial

Each dial of the current Rolex Daytona 116520 is individually crafted so that it resembles the original one on the Rolex 6263 model. It’s how we pay tribute to this legend.
Tribute to 6263 II Case and pushers

The case

The case of our Tribute to 6263 II has been machined and finished by hand to give it the look of the original Rolex 6263 model.

The Craftsmen’s


Our aim was to provide all enthusiasts with the specificities of the icon that is the Rolex Daytona 6263 while preserving the reliability of today’s Rolex 116520 model.
Christian. Master watchmaker
Portrait Artisan Christian
Tribute to 6263 II split face black dial
Delicate and refined, the hands of our Tribute to 6263 II discretely embellish the richness of its dial. Each hand is diamond polished so that it acquires the «hat» angle, characteristic of the original hands. Our Tribute to 6263 II is available in two versions: either with a silver dial or with black dial.Entirely handmade in our workshops in Switzerland, each dial of the Rolex Daytona 116520 model is carefully and accurately crafted to give it the unique look of the original Rolex 6263 one.

Figure of

Double Tribute

Tribute to 6263 II split face silver dial
Tribute to 6263 II closeup on black dial
4130 Rolex Movement modified

Modified 4130


Symbol of reliability and aesthetics, the Rolex 4130 caliber is for every watchmaker a benchmark for precision and timekeeping. We have preserved the original qualities of the Rolex 4130 mechanism while enhancing it with a delicate personal touch: a 21ct gold rotor that can be glimpsed through a transparent sapphire case back, our other signature.
Tribute to 6263 II silver full close up



Rolex Daytona 116520
Modified by hand
Handmade bakelite
Machined and finished by hand
Stainless steel
100m waterproof
12h/6h Vintage Polishing
Rolex 4130 modified with 22ct gold rotor
Transparent sapphire

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* The above personalizations have been made by Artisans de Genève in an artisanal way exclusively upon request of our customers. These personalizations are samples of our realizations and are not meant to be made again. If you want Artisans de Genève to personalize your watch, please contact us.