Certificate of authenticity and warranty card


5 years

Our priority is to guarantee the proper functioning of the pieces that leave our workshops. The warranty of the original manufacturer is void due to our interventions. We replace it with our own 5 year international warranty. To be able to address every need, we offer a worldwide after-sale service, handled by 7 certified centers all around the world. Each timepiece that we modify is provided with its own certificate of authenticity, individually numbered, dated and signed, providing a full traceability.
Details of a labcoat
Watch lying on a certificate of authenticity



We are the only ones who can make our modifications, the only ones who can guarantee it, and we are the only ones who can service the pieces we modify. Each timepiece is delivered in a vacuum package, in a case and with its own certificate of authenticity, individually numbered, dated and signed.
Workbench and tools viewed from top
Craftsman proceeding to a quality control


Thorough Testing

Our craftsmen study each detail, at each step of the modification process, to ensure the reliability and the longevity of the timepieces that lies in their hands. Each component, each piece that we modify, are thoroughly controlled according to the highest standards. Each watch is controlled in air and in water to ensure that it is waterproof and that it is functioning properly. Then, one of our master watchmaker proceeds to the last quality control.
Watch on a workbench with the hands of a craftsman

Made in


We are based in Switzerland, the birthplace of watchmaking. Our workshops are all based in Switzerland. Our craftsmen are upon the best in their craft and they often worked for the most renowned names. It’s why we can guarantee that your timepiece will live up to the most demanding standards in the industry.
Montre dans son écrin avec carte de garantie



* The above personalizations have been made by Artisans de Genève in an artisanal way exclusively upon request of our customers. These personalizations are samples of our realizations and are not meant to be made again. If you want Artisans de Genève to personalize your watch, please contact us.