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Date of last update : april 29th, 2019


Artisans de Geneve SA (hereafter « the Manufacture ») provides exclusive on demand customization services for its private customers. Artisans de Geneve SA is an independent company and is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex S.A., Audemars Piguet SA, Cartier SA, or any other original brand manufacturers in any way, and operates in a completely unofficial capacity. Artisans de Genève SA does not manufacture or sell watches. Artisans de Geneve SA doesn’t produce in advance and doesn’t have any stock. Artisans de Geneve SA works only with private customers and doesn’t work with any shop. Rolex, Daytona, are all registered trademarks of the Rolex Corporation (Rolex USA, Rolex S.A). To buy a new Rolex watch, please visit rolex.com for a list of authorized dealers near you. Any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only.

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The manufacture is editing and publishing the website accessible at https://www.artisansdegeneve.com (hereafter « the website »).

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to define the conditions of usage of the website and the conditions of online orders of the service provided by the manufacture.

The terms and conditions are available on the website and have to be accepted by a click at the time of the order.

Any access, use and registration on the website implies unconditional acceptance and total respect of the terms of the general conditons herein.

Article 1 – Object

The manufacture modifies one or several timepieces exclusively upon request and on behalf of a customer. The parties mutually agree that any timepiece that will be modified is:

  • Either provided by the customer, who will be able to prove its authenticity and will be solely responsible of the piece. The timepiece can then be brand new or second-hand.
  • Or acquired by the manufacture on behalf of its customer. In that case, the manufacture will be able to provide any document that can justify its authenticity. The watch will be the exclusive property of the client.

In anyway, the manufacture is exclusively working upon undoubtedly authentic timepieces.

The manufacture reserves the right to not proceed to the modification of the watch, notably for technical reasons and will justify its decision. If, however, the customer insists to proceed to the modification, he will be solely responsible of the result of the intervention of the manufacture, notably if the piece ends up malfunctioning or broken.

If the customer provides a second-hand watch, the manufacture will perform a full review of the piece before proceeding to any intervention. At the end of this review, the manufacture will have the right to refuse to proceed to the modifications notably if it considers that the modifications are not possible due to the condition of the timepiece. If, however, the customer insists to proceed to the modification, he will be solely responsible of the result of the intervention of the manufacture, notably if the piece ends up malfunctioning or broken.

Article 2 – Conditions

All prices include Swiss VAT. In case of an export, VAT will be deducted. Your country of residence reserves the right to charge VAT at the applicable rate.

To place an order, a user should be at least 18 years old. Orders to minors are prohibited. Therefore, a user placing an order declares and warranties that he is at least 18 years old.

All users are required to accurately and truthfully provide information about themselves.

  1. The client must proceed to the payment of a deposit of 30% to 40% (depending on the modification) of the total amount of the modification. He can proceed to the payment:
    • On the manufacture’s website, through a secured payment page.
    • By wire transfer.
    • On a secured payment page following an electronic invoice sent by the manufacture.

    The client can also decide to pay the full amount on order.

    Once the payment has been validated and confirmed by its bank, the manufacture reserves the modification of the watch and notifies the customer. It takes a few working days before payment is validated by the manufacture’s bank.

  2. If the client has mandated the manufacture to acquire the watch, the manufactures proceeds to acquire it during the following weeks. The watch is the exclusive property of the client. If the client has decided to provide the watch, the manufacture will set up the transfer of the watch and once it has received the later, the manufacture will proceed to preliminary controls in order to ensure the feasibility of the modifications.
  3. The manufacture proceeds to the modifications. It takes an average of 4 to 5 weeks to proceed to the modifications (6 to 12 weeks on some modifications, depending of their complexity).

    The modification includes tests and quality control. This period is given as information only. Depending on the period or on the complexity of the modifications or on the demand, this delay can be extended, and the manufacture cannot be held responsible. However, in the case of an extended delay, the manufacture will notify the customer.

  4. The manufacture notifies the customer when the piece enters quality controls. At the same time, the manufacture emits a payment request for the balance. This request is made by email and consists:
    • Either on a link to a secured payment page
    • Or on a wire transfer request
  5. Once the payment has been confirmed by its bank, the manufacture makes the modified watch available for the customer.

The customer gets notified at each step of the modification process. Notably on each payment steps.

All orders are final. However, as a courtesy, the manufacture agrees to cancel an order as long as the payment of the deposit has not been confirmed by the manufacture’s bank. Passed this time, no cancellation or refund shall be considered in any way.

The modified watch is delivered to the customer in a vacuum package. In any way, if the customer might want to return the watch, this vacuum package must stay sealed. In Any way, no return shall be accepted if the vacuum package has been opened.

No return or refund are accepted. However, if the modified watch does not comply to the order or if it shows a defect or malfunction that is entirely and exclusively the result of the manufacture’s hand, the latter might proceed to the necessary repairs or take it back in exchange of a credit note, if the customer can prove the full responsibility of the manufacture in the malfunction or defect. A delay in the delivery of the piece can never be considered as a liability and can never entitle the customer to a refund or a return, even partial.

Article 3 – Warranty and after sale services

The manufacture offers a 5 year international warranty. The shipping of the timepiece to the manufacture or one of its certified centers and from the manufacture or one of its certified centers to the customer is made at the expense of the manufacture.

The servicing is made by the manufacture’s certified centers. Such centers are available by areas. An estimate will be presented to the customer before proceeding to any intervention.

Article 4 – Intellectual and industrial property

The manufacture holds intellectual and industrial property rights related to the modification it proceeds to, notably on the design of the spare parts and on the design of the timepiece at the end of the modification. No payment made by the customer can be considered as a transmission of rights, even if a specific and original design has been asked by the customer.

The manufacture holds intellectual property related to the website and its content (notably the texts, images, videos, logos, sounds, datas, graphic charter, softwares, databases). No one may use or operate the services and content of the website to a different purpose that the ones defined herein without prior written and express authorization of the manufacture.

Article 5 – Payment methods

The manufacture accepts payment by credit card such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Maestro.

The manufacture also accepts payments by wire transfer.

Credit card payments are secured and made through Stripe, a secured payment gateway that complies to PCI-DSS rules and is certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider. Payments are made under AES-256 encryption over an SSL secured connection.

If the payment is made on the manufacture’s website, no personal data or related to the payment method used by the customer is passing through the manufacture’s server and the manufacture has never access to the payment method data. The manufacture doesn’t store any of the customer’s personal data on its servers.

Article 6 – Website accessibility

The website is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, subject to closing for maintenance or repairs or in case of problems beyond the control of the manufacture or Force Majeure.

In the event of impossible access to the service, the manufacture shall use its best efforts to restor access to the service.

Article 7 – Personal informations

The manufacture is gathering personal informations provided by the customers in the frame of their order, through an online form.

The manufacture might also gather customer’s personal informations, on his/her demand, if he/she subscribes to the manufacture’s newsletter, through an online form that stands in the website’s menu as well as on a popup, or by simply asking the manufacture to be subscribed to the newsletter. The manufacture provides the customer in each newsletter email a link to unsubscribe. The manufacture will also proceed to unsubscribe any customer, upon his/hers request made by any mean (email, mail, phone call).

The manufacture only is collection personal informations that are necessary to the making of, the payment and the delivery of its services.

In that purpose, the manufacture could be led to collect several kind of data, notably:

  • Identification and contact informations: first name, last name, email address, billing address, delivery address (if the delivery address is different than the billing address), phone number;
  • Bank informations: bank details (if payment is made by wire transfer), card informations. Please note that in case of payment by card, the manufacture doesn’t have access to full card informations, but has only access to the last 4 digits of the card number, the card’s brand and the expiry date. Please also note that in case of payment by wire transfer, the manufacture doesn’t store or keep the bank details.

Your personal data are kept as long as it takes to proceed to the service and to its delivery and can be kept for a maximum of 1 year starting on the date of the order.

The data are collected for the manufacture’s internal services and its delivery subcontractors.

The manufacture doesn’t store, transmit, or sell these informations, to any service or commercial partner.

It may happen that data are transmitted to the competent national authorities, upon their request, as part of a judicial procedure, of judicial researches, of a request of informations, to comply with legal obligations, or where there is an infringement of law.

Users have the right to access, rectify, modify and remove personal data held by the manufacture in the frame of the making and the delivery of its service.

Users can ask for the portability of these informations, which is the possibility to retrieve part of the data in an open format that is readable by a machine. Users also have the right to oppose to the processing of the data or to ask for a limitation of said processing.

User can use these rights at any time.

Any demand to exercise the rights must be accompanied with a copy of an identity document. The manufacture will answer within one month of the date of the reception of the demand.

To do so, you have to send your request:

  • Either by mail to: contact@artisansdegeneve.com
  • Or by postal mail to: Artisans de Genève SA, rue du Cendrier 17, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

The manufacture ensures that the data are processed safely and confidentially. To do so the manufacture has set technical and organizational measures in order to prevent the loss, the improper use, the tampering and the deletion of the personal data.

Article 8 – Nullity of a clause and waiver

In a situation where one clause of the terms and conditions herein would be declared null and void by a change of law, of rule or by a court decision, it would under no circumstances affect the validity and compliance with these terms and conditions.

Failure for the manufacture to exercise the rights granted to it under these temrs and conditions cannot in any way constitute a waiver of those rights.

Article 9 – Liability

Artisans de Genève SA provide on demand customization services that are for private use only. The results of the services provided by Artisans de Genève SA are not intended for resell and could not be put into commerce or be the subject of any commercial activity.

There may not be any commercial use of the products modified by Artisans de Genève SA. Nor be any communication other than personal and/or private.

Artisans de Genève SA could not be held responsible in any way of any fraudulent or illicit use of the pieces that have been the subject of its services. It goes the same in the case of the liability of the private customer that would have retained Artisans de Genève SA services, regarding the modified watch.

Article 10 – Applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by Swiss law.

In default of amicable settlement, any dispute concerning the existence, validity, execution and/or interpretation hereof shall be subject to the competent Courts of Geneva.