Common Questions

  1. Who are Artisans de Genève ?
    Artisans de Genève is a Swiss-based watchmaking house that brings together many independent Swiss workshops. We modify timepieces on demand, in very limited series.
  2. What does independent mean ?
    We are an independent company and we are not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with any brand. We act completely independently. However, it is important for us to respect the brands we work on and all our modifications are made in strict compliance with the DNA of the brands and their exceptional quality.
  3. What payment method do you accept ?
    We accept payments :

    - By major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard/Maestro, Amex)
    - By wire transfer, upon your request.

    Please contact us if you would like to use another payment method.
    Credit card payments are made with Stripe, a payment gateway that complies to PCI-DSS and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider (which is the highest level of security)
  4. Do I have to pay the full price to order a watch ?
    You don’t have to pay the full price at once.

    - When placing your order, you only have to pay a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the watch. That payment is made through our website.
    - When your watch is ready to ship, we ask for the payment of the balance and we send you a link to a secured credit card payment.

    Please contact us if you have specific demands concerning payment.
  5. When do you start modifying my watch ?
    The modification process starts after we receive the confirmation of your payment, which can take a few days after you made it. Once we receive it, we will send you a confirmation email, advising you that we are launching the production.
  6. What are the modification delays ?
    It takes around 4 weeks to proceed to the modifications (6 to 8 weeks for the "La Montoya" or some other models). If for some very rare reason the modification should take more time, we would advise you immediately.
  7. Do you have any stock ?
    We work exclusively upon request. We don’t produce in advance and we don’t have any piece in stock.
  8. Can I send you my watch ?
    We work on genuine watches that we provide, but you can give us your watch to work on by sending it to one of our offices. Please contact us if you want us to work on your watch.

    If the timepiece is not new, we will review it and study the feasability of the modification.
  9. Do you provide a warranty ?
    We provide a 5 year international warranty, with a free service any time before the end of the fifth year.
  10. How does it work ?
    You have to contact us and explain your issue, if it enters in the scope of the warranty, we will direct you to one of our workshops.

    We have certified workshops in each area, notably :

    - One workshop in the USA, handling the Americas area
    - One workshop in France, handling the European area
    - One workshop in Hong Kong, handling the Asian area

    Unless it's a very rare case, most watches won’t have to go back to Switzerland to be serviced and we will be able to work on it fast. However if we would need to send it back to Switzerland, you will be informed immediately.
  11. Do you offer after-sale service ?
    We only accept returns for repair. Any problems related to the manufacture of the watch , its transport and packaging can also be fixed. The problems cannot be related to the normal use of the watch.

    After contacting us, we will tell you what to do.

    The watch will be checked by our workshop before we start any kind of intervention.
  12. Can I service my watch at the original brand’s ?
    We are the only ones who can repair or service your watch.
    The original warranty does not apply anymore.
  13. Where do you ship ?
    We ship worldwide.
  14. How do you ship ?
    We work exclusively with secured and guaranteed parcels.

    Our prices include shipping, taxes/customs and all necessary insurances.

    Considering the area the watch is shipped, delivery will be handled either by Brinks, Ferrari Group or DHL. All companies are specialized in secured transportation of valuables.
  15. How much does shipping cost ?
    Shipping is free.
  16. How do you deliver the watch ? Do you provide original papers ?
    The watch is delivered in a vacuum package, in a chest, with a certificate of autheticity signed and stamped by our head watchmaker, and with a certificate of warranty numbered, signed and stamped, indicating the original serial number of the watch.

    For obvious reasons, we do not reissue documents.

    If you didn’t buy the watch directly from us and one of these elements is missing, you should contact your seller.
  17. Can I send you back my watch if I change my mind ?
    We produce exclusively upon request. Each order is considered final.

    However, as a courtesy, we can accept an order cancellation if you contact us within 5 days maximum after having placed your payment.

    In some rare cases, and as a courtesy, we could accept returns after delivery of the timepiece but only if the vacuum package the watch is delivered in has not been opened.
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