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Artisans De Genève is an independent watchmaking workshop offering handcrafted timepiece customization and restoration services. We are neither associated nor affiliated with the brands of the timepieces we work on. We carry out our work at the sole request of our customers, on their own timepieces and for their private use only. The work presented was commissioned by one of our customers. This presentation reflects our know-how and has no contractual value.
Sapphire dial with rose gold counters

An ode to

“To me, Lake Maggiore is my childhood. It’s where I spent all my family holidays, where my father gave me his love of sailing, and where I first understood the beauty and majesty of nature. I immediately knew that I wanted to recreate my memories of this place — a sense of nostalgia which, for me, means the warm colors that cover the region during fall. This was the kind elegance I was after in a watch.”
Islands of Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore boat
The Maggiore Challenge rose gold counters and sapphire dial
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The meeting

“Like every project that our clients approach us with, this one was a journey, transporting us to Italy’s magnificent Lake Maggiore. We instantly resonated with the idea of making his recollections into a tangible object, eternalizing these cherished moments. And we wanted to bring this to life in a special personalization.”
Gil. Artisan
Gil watchmaker at Artisans de Geneve
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Everything begins
with a sketch

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Color code

Bitter Orange

ref. CAG 0702

Storm Grey

ref. CAG 0401

Arctic White

ref. CAG 0201
4130 rose gold movement
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For this customization, the client wished to use autumnal colors and specific materials — a rugged stone-gray, the color of the trees and lemon groves, the reflection of water — to evoke his childhood memories.
wheel watchmaking
watchmaker holding a sapphire dial by Artisans de Geneve
4130 skeleton movement by Artisans de Geneve
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“Maggiore” - Artisans de Geneve

The Bezel

A circular-grained ceramic bezel was specially conceived for this project. Specific treatments were applied to get this texture, the anthracite grey tint corresponds with the tones of the movement.
“Maggiore” - Artisans de Geneve

The Dial

Made from sapphire glass, the dial lets us fully appreciate the skeleton movement. The index and counters are in solid rose gold.
“Maggiore” - Artisans de Geneve

The hands

Created from rose gold, the hands elegantly contrast with the anthracite-hued movement. The second hand is in orange for a sporty look.
4130 movement skeletonized
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The making

Rose gold, cool gray, orange and clarity were amongst the client’s instructions. A sapphire dial was a must from the start. The rose gold counters and indexes float on its surface and it beautifully shows the skeleton movement underneath. Touches of orange nod to the region’s splendid gardens. The client wanted a certain transparency across all aspects of the personalization, which was largely incarnated by the skeleton movement. Each piece of his 4130 caliber watch was hand-cut and treated in gray anthracite. Finally, we angled and polished each element by hand to bring contrast and shine.
Maggiore Challenge,skeleton movement,sapphire dial and ceramic bezel
rose gold counter and white arrow The Maggiore Challenge

The discovery

“When I discovered my personalization, I immediately got immersed into my childhood memories and the time spent at Lake Maggiore. I looked at it for seconds and was amazed by the final result, it exceeded my expectations. The artisans have combined the aesthetic and the technique with great elegance.”

A New Season,
A New Story

We all have a time of year, colors and materials that take us back to our reminescences. Tell us how you would evoke your memories and, with Artisans of Genève, create your own version of the Maggiore Challenge, with the colors and finishing touches of your choosing.

Some of our
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