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The following describes the different categories of cookies we may use.

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The Site currently only uses the following types of cookies on your computer or mobile device :

Cookie Name : _fbp
Domain :
Goal : Facebook pixel
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Duration : 3 months

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Goal : Google Analytics
Type : Performance cookie
Duration : 1 day

Cookie Name : show_disclaimer
Domain :
Goal : Afficher le disclaimer
Type : Functional cookie
Duration : 1 month

Cookie Name : pll_language
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Goal : Gestion de la langue affichée
Type : Functional cookie
Duration : 1 year


To allow you to limit the use of the above cookies, we use the free script of the AIC Agency SAS “tarteaucitron.js” application.

To use “tarteaucitron.js” and manage cookies and tracers, click on the information banner and choose your preferred way of managing cookies, depending on the display.

Alternatively, you can add the Google GaOptOut plugin available here : // to your browser and prevent the collection and recording of your IP address and the transmission of cookie and plotter data.

Refusal to use certain performance cookies may cause the site and its utilities to malfunction. You are solely liable for the consequences of your choice. ADG may under no circumstances be held liable for its malfunction.

In order to be able to use “tarteaucitron.js”, ADG has set the data storage period for cookies or user or advertising IDs to 13 months.


The web browser Help section tells you how to refuse new cookies or receive a cookie notification message.

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