The Blausee Challenge is the encounter between our craftsmen and a watch enthusiast who wanted his timepiece to gather the essential values of traditions and watchmaking while capturing the unique shades of a place that resonates with him. The serenity that prevails in Blausee has inspired us a return to origins: a skeleton version of the Rolex Daytona with a manual winding in steel and rose gold. The steel version was a delicate echo to lake Blausee, while the gold rose is a subtle tribute to the autumnal hues of the place.
This personalization has been requested by a private customer. It is a sample of our know-how and of the personalization services made upon request of our customers. If you would like to customize your timepiece in the same way or following your wishes, please contact us. Please note that due to the limited capacity of our workshops, we are not able to satisfy every demands so please accept our apologies in advance.
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Technical skeleton movement of La Blausee


Technical Sheet

Rolex® 116520 steel/ Rolex® 116505 rose gold
Skeleton / Sandblasted finish / Phosphorescent green index
Bi-facet: Sandblasted
Blue Ceramic Bezel
Steel / Rose Gold
Modified 4130 movement, skeletoned, sandblasted and beveled by hand, Nickel palladium finish.
Manual winding: 72 Hours of power reserve
Balance Bridge
Handmade, extra-thin, polished
Barrel ratchet
Handmade / Beveled / Polished
Waterproof up to 100m
Handmade polishing
Steel / Rose Gold / Transparent sapphire
Focus barrel Rolex© Daytona© La Blausee
Custom Rolex© Daytona© La Blausee
Paying homage to the classic timepieces and to the first Daytonas, with their manual winding mechanism, was a tremendous challenge. It took us two years of research and development to create a barrel that would meet our expectations. The barrel replaces the automatic winding, allowing our client’s timepiece to have a power reserve of 72 hours. Our barrel reveals the skeleton movement. Each component of this extraordinary caliber is skeletonized with the highest precision, sandblasted, and beveled by hand before receiving a nickel palladium finish giving it this unique color.


Technical innovation

Skeleton Rolex© Daytona© La Blausee
technical watch drawing



Ceramic blue bezel of La Blausee Daytona

The Bezel

Entirely crafted in our workshop, the ceramic bezel is a delicate reminder of the colors of Blausee. It is fully polished and brushed by hand.
Skeleton dial with red indexes of La Blausee

The dial

The dial has been skeletonized by hand before receiving a sandblasted finish that gives it this unique and intense black color.
The case of La Blausee Rolex© Cosmograph

The case

The case highlights a combination of savoir-faire: satin-brushed horns, sandblasted back, and polished angles. We have replaced the original pushers with the « Millerighe » ones, a reference to the first Daytonas®.
watchmaker winding a manual watch

The Craftsmen’s

An ode to Blausee

We wanted to reconnect with this precious gesture: the manual winding. A ritual that gives way to emotion, a unique moment combining the vibration of the movement, the resonance of the barrel, and the gear of the ratchet.
Gil. Craftsman
Drawing portrait of a watchmaker
Skeleton movement Rolex© Daytona
Rolex© Daytona La Blausee Rose Gold
Audacious and elegant, the challenge, takes inspiration from the autumnal hues of Lake Blausee, the project reinvents itself through this unique material and color: rose gold. The contrast of the gold movement and the blue bezel brings delicacy to our client’s timepiece. The openwork dial bears three orange indexes, each subtly magnifies the skeleton movement. Each modified element brings a singularity enhanced by the finesse of the rose gold.


The Rose Gold Challenge

Custom watch Rolex Daytona Everose Gold La Blausee Gold