The Andrea Pirlo Azzurro Challenge

Andrea Pirlo watch


Our first meeting with Andrea Pirlo revealed a man deeply passionate about watchmaking. He asked us to undertake an exceptional challenge: a skeleton version of his Rolex® Submariner® — a feat of technical skill that would take hundreds of man-hours. Visiting him several months ago in Torino, Andrea Pirlo sought our help for another project. This time around, he wanted to reinterpret his first personalization with unique colors: a distinguished blend of azure blue and rose gold.
This personalization has been requested by a private customer. It is a sample of our know-how and of the personalization services made upon request of our customers. If you would like to customize your timepiece in the same way or following your wishes, please contact us. Please note that due to the limited capacity of our workshops, we are not able to satisfy every demands so please accept our apologies in advance.
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Andrea Pirlo's watch sketch submariner


Technical Sheet

Rolex® 114060
Forged carbon insert
Blue and white, mirror polished
Tungsten, satin, and hand beveled
Stainless steel Rolex® 904L
Skeletonized, blue, luminova, steel indexes
Modified 3130 skeleton, angled by hand, rose gold finishing
Balance bridge
Hand-made, extra-thin, polished
Waterproof up to 300m
blue hands submariner andrea pirlo
watchmaking sketch
The beauty lies in the details. For The Andrea Pirlo Azzuro Challenge, our artisans delivered a masterclass in style. Reworking each detail of Andrea Pirlo’s watch, we created a new aesthetic that married azure blue — the champion’s signature color — with rose gold and steel. All the while respecting the original skeleton we crafted for him.

Elegance and

Rose gold

watchmaker tools
Andrea Pirlo wearing his Skeleton Submariner



carbon fiber bezel


Andrea Pirlo wanted to keep the forged carbon insert that was essential to the timepiece’s sporty look. The bezel boasts a unique number: a 21 index in rose gold that recalls the jersey number that the champion wore throughout his career.
Blue Azur skeleton dial


The entire openwork dial has been enhanced in azure blue — a symbolic color for the football champion. The indexes are made from steel.
Andrea Pirlo's watch case


The case showcases exceptional savoir-faire. The horns are polished, the middle casing is entirely satin and the underside is sandblasted. Delicate work that brings a duality of contrast and shine to the watch.
blue azure watchmaking

The word of
Andrea Pirlo

I’ve always been passionate about watchmaking. I started collecting early on and have continued throughout my career. Along the way, I discovered the amazing know-how that goes into each one and wanted to highlight this. For my second personalization with Artisans de Genève, I chose to keep the watch’s technical skeleton but add colors that I loved. Azure blue and rose gold. Because they are masters of detail, they had the delicate attention to add my number on the bezel, the 21.
Andrea Pirlo
Andrea Pirlo
The Andrea Pirlo Azzurro Challenge
Rose gold movement of The Andrea Pirlo Azzurro Challenge
Andrea’s 3130 movement has been cut, angled, and polished by hand. The caliber was treated in rose gold for an elegant allure. Our artisans used all their expertise to revisit this initial personalization with a harmony of special colors. The screws are painted in blue. The transparent back reveals the skeletonized gold rotor, engraved with the inscription “Il Maestro 1995-2017” — a tribute to his career.


3130 skeleton movement

Close up of Andrea Pirlo's Personalization
Skeleton rotor in rose gold The Andrea Pirlo Azzurro Challenge
sunny lake switzerland
skeleton movement artisans de geneve
close up of a carbon forged bezel
Artisan's Hands closed